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The Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with Hoa Sen University are presenting the “LOOKING BEYOND” Exhibition, which is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy along with the Italian Space Agency and Telespazio/e-Geos to celebrate the National Day of Space (16/12).

The exhibition will be held from:

· 16th – 26th December 2022 at Hoa Sen Universtiy – Ground floor, main campus (8 Nguyen Van Trang, D.1, HCMC)

· 27th December, 2022 – 7th January, 2023 at Hoa Sen Universtiy – Thanh Thai Campus (7/1 Thanh Thai, W.14, D.10, HCMC)

· Opening Ceremony will take place at 10am, Fri 16 at Main Campus

· The Exhibition will be open to public from 09.00 – 21.00 including Saturday and Sunday

At Looking Beyond, the Organizer displays more than 20 artworks that are photos taken from satellites, mesmerizing viewers by the beauty of the Earth seen from above. These are terrestrial fragments, coloured with tones which cover almost all the chromatic range, each of them with its specific meaning, and which compose patchworks and mosaics which are always different: testimonies of the life of a city, of the activity of a volcano, of the history of a lake or a glacier, a forest or a desert, of an atmospheric phenomenon or a desertification process, until revealing to us the existence of “hidden” places. In addition, the highlight of the exhibition are two remarkable photos about Hanoi and the Mekong Delta by Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC) illustrating the applications of satellite images in remote sensing and disaster preventions in Vietnam. The exhibition offers an opportunity to think about the contribution of satellite technologies to Earth observation, the promotion of sustainable development and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

Also at the exhibition, the Organizer will introduce to visitors about COSMO-SkyMed constelation – the most advanced SAR satellites, which is funded by The Italian Space Agency.

Curated by Filippo Maggia, one of the most internationally known Italian experts in the field of contemporary photography, Looking Beyond promises to attract a large number of experts and visitors to visit and admire.


With over 200 companies, more than 7000 employees and 10 national technology districts, Italy is one of the few countries with a complete supply chain in the field of space industry. The Italian space industry includes both large and small/medium sized enterprises and has a long tradition of international cooperation (joint research programs, scientific activities, training and capacity building) with many countries, including with Vietnam.

At the time when Viet Nam is implementing its National Space Strategy, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and leading space technology companies such as Telespazio/e-Geos, Thales Alenia and Leonardo can concretely contribute to the development of Vietnamese expertise in this field.


COSMO-SkyMed system is a constellation of 5 radar satellites owned by the Italian Space Agency. It is at the forefront of radar technologies, providing the highest quality and precision features required for Earth observation regardless of weather conditions.

Telespazio / e-GEOS operates on behalf of the Italian Space Agency as the worldwide exclusive distributor of COSMO-SkyMed images.


For more information, please write to: Email: Tel: +84 28 38275445/6/7

Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City

10th floor, 93 Nguyen Du, Ben Nghe Ward, D.1, HCMC

Hoa Sen University

o Ground floor – Main campus (8 Nguyen Van Trang, D.1, HCMC)

o Thanh Thai Campus (7/1 Thanh Thai, W.14, D.10, HCMC)