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The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam celebrates the anniversary of its 10 years of activity as a key player in the development of bilateral economic relations between our countries. ICHAM, specifically, has the task of implementing economic, entrepreneurial and business opportunities between Vietnamese and Italian companies, as well as encouraging investments in Vietnam of Italian companies.

On November 27 will be held the seminar Italy in 10 selfies to celebrate this event, based on the homonymous study of Symbola foundation, which highlights the strengths of the Italian production system, telling the perfect union of innovation and tradition that characterize Made in Italy, able to promote a human-sized economy whose values are social cohesion, the enhancement of human capital combined with environmental sustainability.

Not everyone knows that Italy represents the second nation in the world for the competitiveness of the productive sectors and that it boasts a leadership position in 8 of the 14 macro-productive sectors in the world, including the agribusiness, manufacturing, mechanic, fashion, pharmaceuticals and aerospace.

During the seminar will be highlighted also the Italian performances in the effective use of resources in production processes: the Italian manufactory, in fact, is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly in the world. The president of ICHAM Michele D'Ercole together with the General Consul of Italy in HCMC Dante Brandi will present the seminar with a speech that will highlight the Italian primates on the world markets, indicating the distinctive factors of Made in Italy such as quality, design and culture. All these elements reflect the productive philosophy of the sectors in which Italy excels worldwide.

Following the seminar, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of ICHAM will be held the thematic dinner An Italian dinner in 10 selfies prepared by Matteo Fraccalossi, Chef of the restaurant Opera at Park Hyatt Hotel. This is a significant event of the Italian Cuisine Week in Ho Chi Minh City, an authentic expression of Italian gastronomic excellence in all its regional varieties.